Sher School System


Based on the successful experiences in terms of implementing a number of educational projects/programs undertaken by the NGO, and also taking into account the immense demand of communities, a new initiative of SHER School System (SSS) was introduced to provide quality education in rural areas. Qualified and professional teachers have been hired for the promotion of quality education. Computer classes have also been started in SSS for students. Presently about 813 students are getting quality educations in 8 locations.

Aim and Objectives

To make SSS as one of the leading Academic institutions of District Khushab by the year 2020, through provision of quality education by focusing on character building and personality development to develop the leadership for future generation for supporting of Pakistan’s developmental needs in the 21st century.


SSS provides quality education at an affordable cost to selected students with the following special features:

1. School offers affective learning environment for the primary    students.

2. School offers diversified academic curriculum under the guidance of SHER’s education program.

3. School provides educational guidance and counseling for young         students

4. School faculty is well-qualified, experienced and suitably trained in all areas of curriculum development, interactive sessions, students centered approaches, student communication and student psychology.

5. Modern teaching methods are followed with special emphasis on interactive learning, observation, analysis and research.

6. The schools are outfitted with facilities like sports grounds, clean drinking water, library, computer laboratory, tuck shop and swings.

7. Participatory learning is ensured through hands on support by the class teacher.

8. Outstanding result and learning outcomes are achieved in SSS through centralized monitoring and evaluation system.

9. Students are encouraged to obtain outstanding scores in examinations by implementing Performance Management Tools (PMTs) .

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