SHER Qurbani Program-2023

Sher Ghar Qurbani Programme 2023

It’s glad to comprehend that on Eid ul Azha 2023, Sher Ghar organised a communal Qurbani and distributed meat packages to needy households. It’s a lovely practice to share and care for the less fortunate on this auspicious day. The animals utilised for Qurbani cost the following:

1- Lamb/Goat: 30,000 rupees per lamb/goat
2- Bull/Cow: Rs. 16,000 per share (up to a maximum of 7 shares per Bull/Cow)

Full Bull/Cow: 112,000 rupees

At Sher Ghar, a total of 20 lambs and 14 bulls (98 shares) were slaughtered. The Sher team and SHER volunteers collaborated to guarantee that the meat packs were delivered at the doorsteps of worthy families in secrecy. This gesture of kindness and charity demonstrates the compassion and goodness of SHER’s supporters and friends.