Sher Ghar



Sher Ghar is an Orphan House established in the outskirts of Village Mitha Tiwana, District Khushab by Society for Human Empowerment and Rural Development (SHER). There are two Campuses of Sher Ghar i.e. Male & Female Campus. Male Campus is located approx 4 KM outside the village and spread over an area of seven acre along with adjoining land of nine acres. Female Sher Ghar is situated in a well populated colony of village Mitha Tiwana with completely covered compound of 2 Kanals. It is a double story building with absolute security arrangements. Land for Male and Female Sher Ghar has been donated by Col Muhammad Sadiq (R), President of SHER.


SHER started working for the welfare and social uplift of the urban and poor masses of the area way back in 1993. All initial investments in the form of donations were made by Col Muhammad Sadiq (R) and the family members. As the credibility of NGO was established and its efforts became visible on ground, more and more people joined the cause of SHER to help the poor and destitute people of the area. While working in the area, SHER appreciated that the most vulnerable and deserving segment of the urban societies are children and especially the orphans. This realization gave birth to the idea of establishing an Orphan House for poor and destitute children. In 2007, a meager start was taken by admitting 15 boys of various age groups in an accommodation comprising three rooms, kitchen and meager staff accommodation.  The response was over whelming and highly encouraging as Sher Ghar was the only Orphan House in District Khushab. Within the span of 6 to 7 years, Sher Ghar enhanced its capacity to accommodate 200 males and a separate campus to accommodate 100 females.

Legal Status 

Sher Ghar is registered as an Orphan House with the Government of Pakistan.


To raise, groom and educate orphan and destitute children to ensure that they become useful members of the society and do not fall prey to evils.


SHER’s scope of working includes:-

  1. Quality Education.
  2. Character & Confidence Building.
  3. Physically Fit & Disciplined Life.
  4. Extra and Co-curricular Activities.


  1. Education: SHER has its own English Medium Schools and Degree College at Mitha Tiwana. Sher Ghar children are provided free education in these schools along with books, stationary and uniform. Progress in education is closely monitored and steps are taken to eradicate educational weaknesses. Regular preparatory classes are organized in the hostel as per the practice of British Public Schools. Children are motivated and encouraged to join professional colleges and participate in competitive exams. Children identified with weak or mediocre educational progress are afforded an opportunity to join technical institutes and obtain vocational skill of own choice.
  2. Accommodation: Living accommodation of Sher Children includes well furnished Dormitories, Dining Hall, TV/Recreation Room, Library, Hall for Extra and Co-curricular Activities and a Mosque. Prefect System has been introduced to develop leadership qualities in the children and help polish character traits.
  3. Physical Activities: Physical fitness of children is paid special attention. Morning PT and evening games are compulsory. Sher Ghar has following sports facilities:-
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Football, Hockey, Basketball and Cricket Ground.
  • Badminton and Tennis Lawn.
  • Boxing Ring.
  1. Extra and Co-curricular Activities: Since extra and co-curricular activities play vital role in building the personality of children, therefore, debate competitions, dramas, essay writing etc are held on weekly/monthly basis. Sher Ghar (Male Campus) has fairly vast lawns and a small zoo. Children are encouraged to participate in gardening and birds caring. Occasionally small outdoor trips are organized. Accumulative birthdays of children are celebrated on monthly basis.
  2. Health Care: At the time of admission, medical checkup of children is ensured to prevent other occupants from catching infection. Regular medical checkup is carried out on quarterly/biannual basis. Minor ailments are treated in local clinics/hospitals. Treatment of serious patients is arranged in some renowned hospital of Rawalpindi/Islamabad.
  3. Lodging: During stay at Sher Ghar, children are provided free bedding, clothing, sports kit, shoes and sanitary items of common use. Efforts are made to provide healthy diet to each and every child. Daily pocket money is also given to children to avert any inferiority complex.

Sponsorship of Sher Ghar Children

Rs: 5,000/=(US $ 50) per child per month has been worked out as Child Sponsorship Cost. No of admissions granted in Sher Ghar to deserving children is directly proportional to the number of sponsorships received from donors. At present, there is fairly long waiting list of deserving boys and girls held with SHER.


Please join hands with SHER to support the vulnerable, poor and orphan children of our society.  You may like to sponsor the affordable number of children by cash donation on six monthly or annual basis. Donations in kind i.e. clothing/ration items are also welcomed. Least that can be done is to spare some of your valuable time to spend with these children, who in fact are Our Children.

Accounts Details 

  1. HBL, Mitha Tiwana (District Khushab)

Account Title: SHER GHAR,

A/C#: (00)16017905498603 Brach Code: 1601

Contact Details

MD/CEO SHER (0300-5292396)

Project Manger SHER (0301-6771004)