Safe & Secure (SSF) Project Mianwali

Safe and Secure Future (SSF) for ‘Inclusion of All Afghan Refugees’ in District Mianwali

Time Duration: 1 year

Location: District Mianwali

The Mianwali district has been settled by a triple immigration from opposite directions. Being close to KPK districts of Kohat,Karak, Luck Marwat and D.I. Khan a large number of Afghan refugees have migrated to District Mianwali and are settled. According to UNHCR data the total registered Afghan refugees residing in Mianwali are 25000 and total households are 3500. Mostly these Afghan refugees have migrated from Kabul, Qandhar, Khost, Paktia, Qandooz, Kanar. They are part of tribes namely; Shanwari, Yousaf Zai, Karzai, Orakzai, Qandooz, Zadran, Umer Khail, Qandhari. Mostly about 98 % of these Afghan refugees speak Pashto whereas 2 % speak Persian. Few of the refugees are residing in Kot Chandna Refugee Camp. Descriptions of the Clusters of some of the Afghan Refugees are mentioned below:

  • About 60 % of Afghan refugees  live in Mianwali city and surroundings areas within the radius of 15 Kms.
  • Concentrated groups of Afghanis live in Qamar Mashani, Sadozai and Railway Station areas, about 15% of population live here. They live in along with some host communities in these areas.
  • Paki Shah Mardan:5%
  • Kot Chandna Refugee Camp: 10 %
  • Scattered population : 10%
  • 95 % of the young population of 15-30 years have never visited Afghanistan

A successful repatriation not only means the return of refugees but ensuring that they enter the mainstream of life-economically, politically, socially in their home country. There has been a renewed effort by the Government of Pakistan also after the Peshawar school attack to push on the repatriation drive. Therefore, a congenial environment is needed to strategize the repatriation process so that effective integration can be undertaken. This requires social cohesion along with safety net programs for refugees to go back and resettle without any fear of insecurity According to the current survey conducted by SHER team in Mianwali it has been observed that most of the Afghan refugees living in and out of camps (in urban and rural areas) are facing multiple problems and issues in terms of safety, protection livelihoods, illiteracy, ignorance and lack of basic necessary facilities due to their poor socio-economic conditions.

Project Goal:

The goal of the project is to provide Safe and Secure Future (SSF) for the inclusion of All Afghan refugees by focusing on social cohesion, provision of vocational skills along with access to labour markets to improve livelihood and also support GOP commitments towards addressing GBV and voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees residing in District Mianwali.

Program Objectives:

  • To enhance social cohesion and coordination with host communities for the inclusion of all Afghan refugees by addressing their needs for reducing and eliminating exclusion within and from the society.
  • To provide appropriate vocational skill trainings to unemployed Afghan refugees, men and women living in District Mianwali for socio-economic uplift programs.
  • To provide access to labor market or self-employment opportunities for eventually increasing their household income.
  • To protect, educate and empower girls and women for combating GBV through psycho-social support services.
  • To support Government of Pakistan’s repatriation initiatives pertaining to return of Afghan refugees.


The project aims towards building greater social cohesion and coordination along with improved livelihood programs among Afghan refugees and host communities. All these efforts will be geared towards improving their socio-economic conditions through the provision of vocational skills along with access to labour markets and also support GOP initiatives to address GBV and repatriate Afghan refugees residing in District Mianwali. The Project Office will be located in Mianwali with field office in Tehsil Issa Khel and female training Centre in village Kamar Mashani which will be managed by the Project Manager. The project office based in Mianwali will provide an ideal location with easy commuting distances to different parts of Tehsils of Mianwali and to other Afghans residing in the area. The PM will be responsible for fostering partnerships in district and also for implementing all the activities according to desired outcomes, targets and results.

Out Comes of SSF Project:

  • Improved social cohesion and protection for co-existing Pakistani and Afghan communities through inclusion of all Afghan refugees regardless of their gender, abilities, disabilities, backgrounds, health conditions and circumstances.
  • Improved livelihoods through provision of vocational skills to 120 boys and 80 girls in the thematic areas of Mobile Repairing, Building Electrician, Computer Training and Tailoring/Embroidery Training.
  • Improved quality of life and socioeconomic conditions through provision of access to labour market for employment/self-employment opportunities to enhance household income
  • Created awareness and advocacy on GBV and further provided psychosocial support and need based effective referral mechanism.
  • Supported Government of Pakistan’s initiatives for voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees back to their homeland with dignity and honor with the support of the SSF project