Annual Function of Sher School Sytem Mitha Tiwana

SHER School System (A Project of Society of Human Empowerment and Rural Development) organized its annual function in Najmi Chowk Mitha Tiwana. The event was attended by almost 200 notables of the area. The function started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. A warm welcome was extended to all the participants by the principal. After the formal opening of the function, the Vice Principal conducted a prize distribution ceremony in which approximately 90 students received prizes in various categories such as First, Second, and Third Places, certificates for the most regular student the year, the tidiest student of the year, the most confident student of the year, the most progressive student of the year, the most active student in cu-curricular activities etc.

The students also performed a variety of activities, including individual and group performances. These performances include Tabelous, funny qawwali, cultural show, dance performance on popular songs, and bhangras.

A “Tribute to the Parents” was also given in the form of Tabelou, since the parents of the students were also invited to the function.Parents were invited on stage by the VP to share their feedback about the school. According to the parents, they are completely satisfied with the quality of education provided by SSS. SSS offers quality education along with character development and capacity building.The VP then informed the audience about the Hifz-e-Quran class offered over the past year. Moreover, the class teacher of the Hifz Quran class presented the awards to the students.

At the conclusion of the event, the Managing Director of SHER, Col (R) Sajjid Majeed, took the stage and thanked everyone who had attended. He also mentioned the New Sher School System Campus in Botala. Col (R) Sajjid Majeed Bhatti emphasized the value of education in a child’s life, and he said that SSS is one of the top schools in the area for excellent education. He emphasizes Sher’s motto “Education for Everyone,” stating that the Sher educational system is one of the few that never rejects a student on the basis of merit. Our purpose is to train students who have been rejected by other institutions.