Message of
President SHER

Congratulations SHER!

SHER marks 28 years of dedicated service to communities of Punjab- Pakistan

Everyone, at least in District Khushab acknowledges the sincere efforts made by Society for Human Empowerment and Rural Development (SHER) for bringing inspiring changes in the local communities of the area through progressive development and transformation spread over a period of 28 years. Initially NGO faced a lot of difficulties owing to the fact that the local community was divided and involved in internal feuds and moreover patriarchal, which made the survival of this nascent NGO a difficult task. The NGO not only survived in those difficult conditions due to the efforts and dedication of a handful of people, but also transformed into a development oriented organization. Consequently the dedicated services of SHER have experienced a positive change in the mindset of population particularly related to the promotion of Girl’s education and Women’s empowerment.

In addition the NGO has supported and empowered the poor and marginalized communities through provision of basic social services to alleviate the miseries of the unprivileged people. As a first step SHER laid the foundation of the first Private English Medium Model School in 1993.  Majority of the girls students enrolled at that time have not only completed their schooling and college education but also have been provided with job opportunities in the NGO. There was a time in the initial period where we could not find a single female science teacher and now more than 50% of the science teachers working are the ones graduated from our own institution.

Apart from that the scope of work along with activities has been expanded steadily into all UCs of Khushab and neighboring Districts, like Sargodha, Mianwali, Layyah and Bhakkar. The programmatic areas have also been extended with introduction of quality based higher education, technical education, community based education, micro credit services for women entrepreneurs, orphanage for the poor children, health care facilities, social mobilization and infrastructure development. The program of SHER now encompasses a Girls College & Higher Secondary Schools, a chain of 8 Sher School System (SSS) reaching out to more than 813 children, 135 Community Organizations and Community Initiatives, two Orphanage Centers called ‘Sher Ghar’ providing social protection services to 37 orphans (20 boys and 17 girls) and one Vocational Training Centre.

We are committed to working collaboratively across Pakistan for making community service as our topmost priority. SHER is stronger than ever due to our continually expanding community who comes together to donate time, resources, and talent in support of our important mission.

We are thankful to the blessings of Allah Subhanotallah for all our successes. These successes would not have been possible without the untiring efforts of our Board Members, Management staff, philanthropists from all walks of life, donors and last but not the least our passionate Communities.

We would, InshaAllah, continue our successful journey as hitherto with an exclusive aim “Apnay Hisay Kaa Dia Jalatay Jao”. SHER is grateful to Executive Committee and staff members who have served the NGO devotedly through these years and have steered it in the right path. SHER will continue to be a beacon of hope and source of inspiration for the unprivileged communities of the Punjab Province.

May Allah Subhanotallah bless us all   Ameen.




Introduction about SHER Team


Name: Javed Iqbal Awan
Designation: Manager SHER
Qualification: MA & LLB
Address: Punja, Khushab

                                                                                          Iftakhar Hussain

Name: Manzoor Hussain                                                                                       Name: Iftakhar Hussain
Designation: Senior Finance Manager                                                                Designation: HR Manager
Qualification: MBA Finance                                                                                  Qualification: MBA
Address: Norrpur, Khushab                                                                                  Address: Chan, Khushab


Name: Zohaib Jamal                                                                                                  Name: Habib Ullah
Designation:   IT Officer                                                                                            Designation: In-Charge Sher Ghar
Qualification: MSC(IT)                                                                                              Qualification:  BA
Address: Mitha Tiwana, Khushab                                                                            Address: 13 MB, Khushab

Name: Muhammad Imran Khan
Designation: SSS Manager
Qualification:  Masters
Address: Punja, Khushab