SHER is an NGO established by the local community in Khushab and as such its roots are in the people. The NGO was based on a welfare concept and started off with welfare oriented developmental activities like the establishment of Vocational Training Institute, Health Care Facility and a Primary School. All these efforts were started in Mitha Tiwana, District Khushab, Punjab which has a population of 50,000 and is a historical town established by Sher Shah Suri. Though a number of notables like the Governor of British Punjab and one of the Prime Minister of Pakistan were from this town, yet none of them had the vision to develop their area. The local community was divided and involved in internal feuds, which made the survival of this nascent NGO a difficult task. The NGO not only survived in these difficult conditions due to the efforts and dedication of a handful of people, but also transformed into a development oriented organization.


We envisage an: ethical, equitable, inclusive and progressive society in which people live with dignity and have power over their own lives.


-> To promote education and literacy and develop skills among the poor and marginalized communities so as to make them aware of their rights.
-> To provide social safety nets through provision of social welfare services to the poorest segments of society.
-> To improve the quality of life and provision of better infrastructure facilities for the poor particularly women.
-> To provide basic healthcare facilities to the poorest people

Scope of Work:

Having being established in 1991 SHER has expanded its activities steadily into Khushab and neighboring districts of Punjab. The programmatic areas have also been expanded with introduction of quality based Higher education, Technical Education, Community based Education, Orphanage for poor children, health care facilities, Social Mobilization and Infrastructure Development. The program of SHER now encompass a Girls Degree College, Higher Secondary School, a network of 8 Quality Schools titled Sher School System (SSS) working in the remote areas, Community model Schools reaching out more than 1900 children, 169 Community Organization and Community initiatives, Two Orphanage centers called “SHER Ghar” providing social welfare service 55 orphans (30 Boys and 25 Girls).